Grays Cage Field Hockey Turf Shoe

The CAGE All Surface Traction Shoe is the most innovative shoe ever to be launched into the hockey market place.

Designed for elite players looking for outstanding performance the CAGE AST is packed full of unique features to improve your game.


CAGE Technology – An exoskeleton cage system is soft and flexiblewith outstanding retention properties.

  • CAGE Injection System is the next generation in upper technology –

  • Sonic Fit Collar System – Provides an internal support and cushioning system and reduces the amount of water, which, can penetrate into

    the shoe on water based surfaces.

    AST (All Surface Traction) SOLE UNIT

    Features new innovative durable, flexible outsole designed to offeroutstanding traction and grip especially on water based surfaces.

  • Rigid TPU cleats provide outstanding purchase on the synthetic surface allowing for quicker, tighter turns.

  • Hollowed out cleats reduce the weight of the sole plate but absorb the harsh impact from the synthetic surfaces.

  • Gel Zone PP - Attenuates shock during impact phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.

  • Torsion stability – Micro-light Carbon E.P.S. Carbon Technical stabilisation unit integrated into the EVA midsole to maintain torsional stability of the shoe

  • GPRO EVA 80 – Utlising 80 Degree GPOR EVA midsole material provides a more stable but extremely cushioned platform feel.


    • The compression set of Haipoli footbed is less than 5% over timeso the cushioning and fit never change inside the shoe – providingmaximum comfort every time

  • S.H.F – Superior heel fit – Built in TPU counter provides stability and a secure fit reducing lateral movement in the heel area, combined with ultra soft memory foam for a unique fit.

  • Low profile dynamic last

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