Grays GX5000 Midbow Composite Field Hockey Stick - 38.5"

  • The "Mid-Bow HS" blade profile shape has been repositioned in the mid section of the blade at 30cm from the base of the head. The curve height of the stick is 24.75mm. The range features a new central spine profile positioned centrally down the rear of the blade and continues into the back of the head. The new rear shape increases both the sticks:
    - Help control "flat", "sweep" and "slap hitting" techniques.
    - Help "extend the reach zone" over which you can dribble the ball freely using both forehand and backhand. 
    - Improve the "first touch" control when stopping the ball at full stretch. 
  • Excellent controlled power to weight ratio
  • Available in Mid-Bow blade profile
  • Gloss finish
  • Available in 36.5", 37.5", 38.5"

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