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    The Essential Guide: Junior Field Hockey Equipment Every Parent Should Know About

    The Essential Guide: Junior Field Hockey Equipment Every Parent Should Know About


    Introduction: As a parent, ensuring your child has the right equipment for junior field hockey is crucial for their enjoyment and safety on the field. From selecting the perfect stick to ensuring proper protective gear, every piece plays a role in their success. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential equipment your junior field hockey player needs, empowering you to make informed decisions that support your child's passion for the game.

    The Stick: Your Child's Key to Success The field hockey stick is the cornerstone of the game. Available in various sizes and materials, choosing the right one is essential for your child's performance. Look for sticks specifically crafted for junior players, offering the perfect balance of control and power without being too cumbersome. Consider factors like stick length to ensure a comfortable fit for your child's playing style. Explore our special Junior Field Hockey Packages featuring sticks ranging from 26" to 36.5".

    Shin Guards: Protecting Young Shins from Impact Shin guards are a crucial safety accessory, shielding your child's shins from impacts during play. Opt for guards that fit securely and cover the entire shin area for maximum protection. Lightweight and breathable options, such as Grays Sheild or G600 Shin Guards, ensure your child's comfort and agility on the field. Pair them with Grays Shinliners to prevent rashes and extend the guards' longevity.

    Mouthguard: Safeguarding Your Child's Smile A mouthguard is essential for protecting your child's teeth and mouth during gameplay. Encourage consistent use during practices and games to prevent dental injuries and ensure your child's safety on the field.

    Footwear: The Foundation for Agility and Grip Proper footwear is critical for maintaining traction and agility, whether playing on turf or grass surfaces. Invest in field hockey shoes or turf shoes designed to provide the necessary grip and support for quick movements. Ensure a comfortable and secure fit, allowing your child to focus on their game without distractions.

    Athletic Attire: Comfort and Performance Combined Comfortable athletic attire is essential for unrestricted movement and comfort during gameplay. Choose lightweight, breathable materials that wick away sweat to keep your child cool and dry. Layering options accommodate changing weather conditions, ensuring your child remains comfortable and focused on the game.

    Conclusion: Equipping your child with the right gear is essential for their enjoyment, safety, and success in junior field hockey. By investing in quality equipment that fits properly and meets safety standards, you're supporting their passion for the game and providing them with the tools they need to thrive. Prioritize safety, comfort, and performance when selecting junior field hockey equipment, and watch as your child's love for the game grows with every match played.

    Rising Stars: Leighton Desouza's Inspiring Journey with Team Akpro

    Rising Stars: Leighton Desouza's Inspiring Journey with Team Akpro

    Meet Leighton Desouza: Unleashing Potential on the Field

    Hailing from the vibrant city of Etobicoke, Ontario, Leighton Desouza is more than just a midfielder; he's a rising star, a beacon of talent, and a proud sponsored player. Currently donning the jersey for the Canada Junior Men's National Team and representing the OKD club, Leighton's journey in the field of hockey is nothing short of remarkable.

    Roots and Inspiration: A Legacy of Field Hockey Excellence

    Leighton's passion for the sport runs deep in his veins, as he comes from a long history of field hockey players in his family. This legacy has shaped him, instilling not just skills but a profound love for the game. His dedication and hard work have led him to the midfield position, where he orchestrates plays with finesse and precision.

    Numbers Speak Volumes

    Whether it's the iconic number 10 or 17 adorning his jersey, Leighton brings a unique flair to the game, making each match a spectacle for fans. His jersey numbers represent more than just a numerical identifier; they symbolize his commitment to excellence on the field.

    Connect with Leighton: @_LDS21

    In the age of social media, athletes like Leighton connect with fans and fellow enthusiasts on a more personal level. Follow his journey, training snippets, and off-field adventures on Instagram: @_LDS21.

    Current Stick of Choice: Grays GR7000 Jumbow Composite Field Hockey Stick

    Leighton's weapon of choice is the Grays GR7000 Jumbow Composite Field Hockey Stick. With its advanced design and cutting-edge technology, this stick has become an integral part of Leighton's success on the field.

    "I love this stick because of its feel when I dribble. It helps me 3D much better and is very light," says Leighton.

    The GR7000 Probow Comp Stick has proven to be the perfect companion for his playing style, offering the right balance, control, and responsiveness needed to excel in the midfield. Its design enhances Leighton's ability to execute precise dribbles and adds a level of agility that sets him apart from the competition.

    Inspiration Beyond the Field

    Leighton cites his sports hero as his dad John DeSouza, emphasizing the profound impact family and support play in an athlete's journey. His dad's guidance and unwavering support have fueled Leighton's determination to succeed and make his mark in the world of hockey.

    Explore AKPRO Canada's World of Excellence

    In conclusion, Leighton Desouza's journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the right equipment. As he continues to shine on the field, the Grays GR7000 Jumbow Composite Field Hockey Stick stands as a symbol of excellence, propelling him towards even greater heights in the world of hockey. Explore AKPRO Canada's extensive collection of top-notch hockey gear, including the favored GR7000 Jumbow Composite Field Hockey Stick, and witness the power of dedication and the perfect stick in action. 


    Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to showcase your true potential. Just like Leighton Desouza on the field, let your passion and dedication drive you to new heights. Remember, success is not just about winning; it's about the journey, the lessons learned, and the growth achieved along the way. Keep pushing forward, stay focused, and believe in the power of your dreams. You have the strength within you to turn every goal into reality. Your journey is unique, and it's yours to conquer. Go out there and inspire the world with your story!



    New Touch Pro Glove - The ultimate protection for all players

    New Touch Pro Glove - The ultimate protection for all players

    New Touch Pro Glove

    The New improved construction Touch Pro is a lightweight, open-palm glove with moulded knuckle armour.

    The FlexShellTM armour gives innovative shielding whilst the jointed finger design offers excellent flexibility.

    Neoprene gives greater dexterity and tailored cuff fit assures a comfortable fit.

    A great glove for the ultimate protection for all players. 

    Order your set by selecting the link below:

    Founder Jagjit Singh Kular in the 1st World Cup 1971

    Founder Jagjit Singh Kular in the 1st World Cup 1971

    In the countdown to the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023, FIH will honour & share memories from previous world cups.

    AKPRO Canada Founder Jagjit Kular played for Kenya in the 1st World Cup in 1971. (Top row, far right).

    Jagjit continued his passion for hockey in Canada. He played a pivotal role within the various communities from Montreal to Ontario & BC. His dream was to see Canada grow for both Men & Women’s Hockey.

    Follow updates #HWC2023 on