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    Hometown: Waterloo, ON

    Position: Midfield

    Number: 21

    Instagram: @awoodcroft

    Stick Choice: Grays GR5000 Jumbow; Grays GX5000 (indoor)

    Why does Amanda prefer this stick?⁠ "It allows me to play at a high speed while maintaining control and accuracy. The best part about the stick is how smooth dribbling and passing feels! I love learning and trying new skills with this field hockey stick"

    Major Competitions: 

    Pan American Games, Lima, 2019, Pan American Games, Toronto, 2015 (bronze); World League 3, Spain, 2015; World League 2, Ireland, 2015 (silver); Indoor Pan American Cup, Uruguay, 2014 (gold); Pan American Cup, Argentina, 2013 (bronze); Junior World Cup, Germany, 2013.

    When I started playing field hockey:

    I first picked up a field hockey stick in grade 7 (2006), but it was in high school where I fell in love with the sport and continued to play (2008).