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    Hometown:  Surrey B.C

    Position:  Defender

    Stick: Grays GR11000

    Teams:  Junior National team, United Brothers, Surrey Sharks

    When Did I Start playing: Started playing at the age of 5 

    Major Competitions:
    2013 - Junior World Cup India
    2014 - Junior Pan American Puerto Rico
    2014 - Youth Olympics Nanjing
    2016 - Junior Pan American Toronto
    2017 - PAHF Pan American Cup
    2017 - FIH World League
    2018 - FIH World Cup
    2018 - Commonwealth Games
    2019 - Pan American Games
    2020 - Olympic Games

    Field Hockey has been in our family for many generations. My grandfather played in the 1972 Olympics for Uganda and my dad was also a part of the Canadian program. I started training with the Junior national squad when I was 16 and have learnt just how important commitment, dedication and hard work is when being a part of the Canadian program. When I'm not at the field training, I enjoy playing other sports. I am currently in the process of becoming an electrician